Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Quick post about the USA

check out www.freedomtofascism.com
It is about an upcoming film that exposes (as if it is not obvious) the USA's shift from freedom to fascism. Fascism, like socialist, includes: state control of the economy, censorship, and blind loyalty.


Nikodemos said...

The fundamental difference between fascism and socialism is a difference of goals and moral principles.

Socialism is based on the principle of equality, and its goal is to achieve such equality between human beings.

Fascism is based on the principle of INequality (between different races, or between common people and their rulers), and its goal is to enforce such inequality.

Phugebrins said...

"state control of the economy,"
Libertarian socialists would disagree with you on that one.

It can do, if you include obscenity/pornography regulations and so forth. Of course, there's a good number who consider such measures dangerously authoritarian.

"blind loyalty"
To what, exactly?

Citizen said...

"Censorship" might be a bit strong, but I think the minority who oppose socialism would be not given a fair voice in the government run media (for example: PBS).

"Blind loyalty" may also be a poor choice, but I think socialists tend to rely upon the advice of "experts" and "economic planners" without enough critical thought.

Of course, we all could use more critical thought. You, Phugebrins, are quite the analyzer and I applaud you for that.

Nikodemos said...

In socialism, the media would be government owned, but not government controlled. For an example of how this works, look at the BBC. Essentially, there is a media co-operative funded by the government, but the government is forbidden by law to interfere with the internal workings of that co-op, or to change the amount of funding without adequate explanation.

And then there is the internet, where anyone can publish their opinions. I think the internet is a great counterweight to media bias, and would play an important role in socialism.

There are already a large number of factional disputes between socialists, and I expect these factions will develop into different political parties in a socialist system. Socialists are a truly diverse bunch - the only thing we have in common is that we support socialism.