Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ron Paul for President

As an exception to the well-known field of socialist, pseudo-capitalist, and semi-socialist candidates for president, Ron Paul is free market candidate worthy of support. He stands by liberty even when it is unpopular and has often been the sole congressman to vote against a bill.

Here is a quick breakdown of his views, so you can determine if he is worthy of your vote:
Fiscal (favors the following)
1. Keeping the market free
2. Decreasing spending by eliminating unconstitutional programs
3. Decreasing spending by ending excessive American military intervention
4. Eliminating the IRS
5. Abolishing unconstitutional taxes
6. Less taxes
7. Ending the (Federal Reserve's) banking cartel's control over money supply (i.e. eliminating the inflation tax)
8. Returning to sound money backing (gold standard, etc.)
9. Ending costly war on drugs
10. Ending welfare and corporate welfare

1. Eliminating federal (read "national government") authority over marriage and abortion
2. De-funding government subsidized abortion
3. Legal immigration only
4. Parental choice in schooling
5. Individual liberty in all areas
6. Second amendment rights
7. Opposing the national ID card
8. Right to privacy
9. Right to religious expression
10. Right to use drugs or harm one's self

1. Ending the war in Iraq quickly
2. Avoiding confrontation with Iran
3. Pulling out of "police actions" around the whole
4. Focusing of defending our country and borders
5. Eliminating aid to other nations for "nation building"
6. Maintaining US sovereignty

Where does a principled man like this get such ideas? Interestingly enough, he is a Christian that lives out his beliefs. He sees individual free will and liberty in the Bible. He also sees personal responsibility and limited government in the Bible. Is it that the Founders were not so crazy after all? Is it that we do not, and should not, need to have the government caring for our financial and social affairs as a nanny would?

If your willing to look beyond the mainstream names that get the big media attention, check out Ron Paul. Of course, you may find a good candidate from the Libertarian Party or the Constitution Party. However, Ron Paul is bringing traditional conservatism and libertarianism into the Republican Party, which is turning more socialistic. This is exciting and worth your attention. Check out