Monday, January 05, 2009

"Our cry is not greed, profit, or materialism — it is simply laissez-faire. All we want is for government to stay out of the market. We don't need a nanny state any more than we need an omnipotent state. We don't need your usury laws. We don't need your trade laws. We don't need your labor laws. We don't need your antitrust laws. We don't need your price controls. We don't need your regulations. We don't need your wealth redistribution schemes. And we certainly don't need any Christian economist defending any of these things as if they had any biblical basis. Economic myths die hard, and especially the myth of the just price. Economic ignorance is great, and extends to the highest levels of society — just look at the recent crop of presidential candidates and Congress's latest economic stimulus package. In the tradition of the Mises Institute and its namesake we must continue our labor of economic education."
Laurence M. Vance

I came across an article by this man and it was absolutely excellent. You can check out the entire article at....