Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Conservative Revolution?

The two words seem to be at odds. After all, one word, conservative, means to keep a particular idea and the other word, revolution, means to change that which exists. However, in some instances they are not contradictory and, in fact, sometimes a revolution is necessary to conserve something. For example, our own War for Independence was a bloody revolution; although, American patriots would have rather it came peacefully. At the same time though, Americans saw it as a conservation of the ideals of liberty that had long ago been birthed in England. For these patriots, the only way to conserve the rights and liberties that they should have been entitled to was to revolt. They recognized that there comes a time in the course of history to overthrow a government that ignores its own laws and principles. Speaking of ignoring laws, America is at another similar turning point today.

Americans for years have enjoyed liberty from tyranny that few people on the face of the earth have enjoyed. Years of “tranquil and quiet lives” (1 Tim. 2:2) came about because prayers were said for those in authority and because those in authority usually recognized that they did not have jurisdiction over personal choices like diet, education, health care and religion. However, much like Israel lusted after a king to centrally lead and guide, Americans lusted after a government to lead and to guide in the economic and social aspects of life. Apparently theocracy and liberty were too risky and unsafe. Unfortunately, the same curses have come on America that Samuel warned would come on Israel. Military drafts, income taxes, property taxes, and slavery to the government were among the consequences (1 Sam.8: 11-18). Little did many realize, getting the security of a powerful government would mean the giving up of private property, freedom of education, and many other liberties. Will Americans throw off this government that has ensnared them at this crucial hour?

Only one candidate, Ron Paul, is totally committed to conserving our constitution and revolutionizing our way of life from one of dependence to independence. Much like Jesus offers us freedom from sin, we can be free from government control. Already thousands have joined this struggle. If about 10% of the primary population have already voted for a conservative revolution in Iowa and New Hampshire, why not an increasing number in the forty-eight other states?

Education helps the revolution and ignorance holds it back. Apathy helps the socialists and compassion for our fellow humans moves us on. Read for yourself how Ron Paul would change America.
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